How can you use Europass?

Are you in the process of selecting new personnel? Or are you about to send employees abroad for further education, training or internships? The Europass documents provide you with a standardised description of the skills and competences of your employees and job applicants.  

Curriculum vitae

Europass makes the qualifications and skills of job applicants transparent and easy to understand.  If applicants add the Europass CV to their applications, it makes the selection of the best-qualified candidates easier.  


Europass Mobility documents your employees' courses of study or training completed abroad.  It takes professional competences and informally acquired skills into account.  Europass Mobility increases the value of important courses of study or other training. 

Certificate supplement

If your applicants completed an apprenticeship or hold a certificate from a vocational school, the Certificate Supplement documents their skills in a detailed and transparent fashion. Their professional profile and education are explained, and it is possbile to compare vocational training conducted in various countries. 

Diploma Supplement  

If your applicants are graduates of an Austrian university, university of applied science, university college of teacher education, or higher education institution for health professions, the Diploma Supplement offers a clear and internationally comparable description of individual courses of study. Your applicants' skills are clearly displayed, and it is possible to compare degrees from different countries.