What's new with Europass?

The new Europass platform has been launched!

The European Commission launched the new Europass platform on July 1, 2020. It's acessible at the following adresses:



Discover all of the tools that can help you save your study and professional sucesses in your personalised online portfolio. Create your free Europass and register to use all of the available tools to the fullest.



European Europass Launch on 1 July, 2020

According to the Europass Decision of 18 April, 2018, the focus of Europass is shifting away from documents and toward services. Therefore, the Europass portal will be redesigned and relaunched. The launch will take place in multiple phases. The first phase will be completed in spring of 2020 and the new portal will be launched on July 1, 2020.

Important! The current Europass portal with it's CV editor will be closed on July 1, 2020. Export and save any documents you have set up in the Europass portal. The saved documents can then be uploaded into the new portal and used!

Changes compared to the current Europass:

  • e-portfolio:

  • with personal, private storage space
  • CV and cover letter can be created from the portfolio with various designs
  • application tracker for sent applications

  • learning opportunities portal integrated into Europass portal
  • connection with learning opportunities (through the EURES database)
  • information about studying and working in EU countries
  • digital credentials: sorftware free for institutions to use to create digital, tamper-resistent qualifications and diplomas
  • interoperability: Europass can be used with external services (job and education field), so that users can upload their applications directly 

Find more information here: https://ec.europa.eu/futurium/en/europass

Zoom group picture

Learning by Leaving: online conference for 4 European networks

The Austrian Europass and Euroguidance centres are happy to announce that the Learning by Leaving Conference 2020 – a joint conference for the European mobility networks Eures, Eurodesk, Europass and Euroguidance – was held as a virtual meeting on June 4-5, 2020.
Following the conferences in Cologne, Germany 2018 and Cagliari, Italy 2019, the 2020 conference continued the series that aims to establish closer cooperation between the European mobility networks through regular exchange of information, best practices and peer learning - thus creating synergies to increase the quality of service provision.
The support of mobility is at the centre of the Learning by Leaving networks. Learners and workers need the appropriate information, guidance and means to document their competences to successfully take part in the European education and labour market.  
The focus of the 2020 conference was inclusion in mobility. How can we best support learners and workers with special needs, including those from underprivileged backgrounds and migrants? Are our existing tools and information sufficient or do we need to make changes to make successful mobility achievable for everyone?  
The conference included a range of plenary sessions and workshops. Participants had the possibility to share information, innovative tools and practices, get ideas for new (transnational) projects and formulate recommendations and feedback.

The conference documentation is available online at: https://www.europass.at/lbl2020/.




150 million CVs have been created with Europass
150 Millionen Lebensläufe wurden bis November 2019 erstellt

150 million Europass CVs created!

More than 150 million CVs have been generated online since the creation of the Europass CV in 2005.

In 2019 alone, more than 25 million CVs were created -- 200 times more than in 2005!



Europass Makes Transparent 2019

Die Teilnehmer/innen am Europass Wettbewerb werden ausgezeichnet.

Europass Makes Transparent

The event series "Europass Makes Transparent" continued in 2019 and was devoted to the topic "Free Entry into the European Labour Market? How Europass and Erasmus+ internships can help businesses". 

The event was Held on October 3, 2019 in the Vienna House of the European Union. 

The winners of the Europass contest "Mobile with Europass" were also recognised at the event. 

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Mobil mit dem Europass


Europass Contest: Mobile with Europass!

Are you going to another European country to learn or do an internship and documenting your learning outcomes with Europass Mobility? 

Then join the Europass Contest!

Learn more here.



Tag der Lehre


Europass at "Apprenticeship Day"

On 17th and 18th October 2018, Europass was pleased to take part inin "Apprenticeship Day" (Tag der Lehre) at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) Vienna. This was Europass's first time at the event, and it was an excellent opportunity to speak to some of the more than 7,000 pupils and future apprentices present about how they can use Europass to kick off their careers.

Europass Makes Transparent 2018

This year's Europass Makes Transparent event was dedicated to the topic "Fit for the Labour Market". The event was held on Erasmus Day, October 12 2018, at the Bundeshandelsakademie Grazbachgasse in Graz. 

Each participant attended three workshops, which were focused on applying for jobs in Austria and Europe, the current labour market situation, and an English-language job interview training session with an English native speaker, respectively.  

Europass macht transparent

New Europass Decision published

On April 18, 2018, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union released plans for a common framework to provide better services in the area of skills and qualification recognition. Europass will develop from a portfolio of five documents to a service that will offer information about the recognition of qualifications and programmes across Europe, in addition to creating CVs and competence profiles. 

Click here for the Decision.

Europass at the Personal Austria Fair

The Personal Austria Fair took place in Vienna on November 8-9, 2017. The international fair for human resources professionals attracted over 2,000 visitors and 120 exhibitors, including the Austrian Europass Centre, which shared a booth with the Austrian National Qualifications Framework (NQF/NQR) and gave a presentation about the benefits of Europass for HR professionals. 

Europass und NQR auf der Personal Austria

100 Million Europass CVs Created Online!

Between February 2005 and July 2017, 100 million Europass CVs were created online and 60 Million CV templates were downloaded. 

In 2005, 120,000 Europass CVs were created online. By 2016, the number of CVs created exceeded 19.2 mllion - an 85-fold increase. 

In 2016 alone, more than 26.8 million people visited the Europass Website; compared with 1.2 million visitors in 2005, this represents a 20-fold increase.

[Translate to Englisch:] 100 Millionen Europass Lebensläufe erstellt

Europass Makes Transparent and Fit for the Labour Market, 2017

This year's "Europass Makes Transparent" events were focused on the Topic "Fit for the Labour Market." Interested parties, including alumni of internships organized through the Erasmus+ programme for vocational education, signed up for the two events, which were held on June 26, 2017 in Klagenfurt, Cathinthia and on June 28, 2017 in Vienna. Each participant took part in three workshops, focused on applying in Austria and Europe, the labour market, and an English-language interview training with a native English Speaker, respectively. 

Gruppenfoto von Europass in Klagenfurt
Gruppenbild von Schuler/Innen in Wien

The Europass Video: now Available in Arabic, Urdu and Dari!

The Europass CV is a standardized template available in 27 languages and designed to be used across Europe and beyond. It makes candidates' education, work experience and skills understandable for international audiences. The Europass video shows you how easy it is to fill out a Europass! And the film is now available in Arabic, Urdu and Dari.  

Arabic: https://youtu.be/iHdK-2uk1tg

Urdu: https://youtu.be/8cZc6frq0iw

Dari: https://youtu.be/FUWmA0eGEgw

Present your Europass CV on XING!

Effective immediately, Europass CVs can be shared directly to the networking platform XING. Just click on "share" in the editor and select XING. www.europass.at/en/lebenslauf/

Europass Challenge: we have a winner!

The Europass CV makes Job applications easy. The Europass CV Challenge asked participants to create a compelling CV with an appealing design. A jury of experts selected the winner. 

Maren S. from Graz impressed the jury with her CV and won an iPad! 



Europass Schnecken im Rennen

Western Cluster Meeting in Vienna

The members of the Europass Western Cluster met in Vienna in November 2017 to discuss collaborating more closely in the future. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline! 


New Europass Video!

The Europass CV is a standardized template available in 27 languages and designed to be used across Europe and beyond. It makes candidates' education, work experience and skills understandable for international audiences. The Europass video shows you how easy it is to fill out a Europass, and is available in two languages: 

German version

English version

Living and Working in Europe - Information Points in Austria

Europass Austria joined a number of networks (Euroguidance, euraxess, and eurodesk, to name a few) to publish a folder in 2013 featuring advising centres in Austria concerned with the topic of living and working in Europe. The folder is now available online (in German).


Europass Mobility Workshop

Europass Austria held a workshop for users of the Europass Mobility database on December 10, 2012. The workshop may be offered by Europass in other parts of Austria in the future.


Personal Austria

Europass Austria participated at the Personal Austria fair for the first time on November 7-8, 2012.