Europass at a glance

The Europass was established by the European Union to assist European citizens in making their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood throughout Europe with a portfolio of five documents. 30 European countries are currently participating in the Europass Initiative.

The five Europass documents are:

  • Europass Curriculum Vitae
  • Europass Language Passport
  • Europass Mobility
  • Europass Certificate Supplement
  • Europass Diploma Supplement



Europass objectives:

  • to help citizens to communicate their skills and qualifications effectively when looking for a job or training;
  • to help employers understand the skills and qualifications of the workforce;
  • to help education and training authorities define and communicate the content of curricula.

Living and Working in Europe - Service Points in Austria

This brochure provides an overview of European service points in Austria relevant to the topic of “living and working in Europe,” and was produced by Europass Austria in cooperation with Euroguidance Austria. Download the brochure in German or English

You can also find this information online at   



Europass and the EU Programme for Education and Training

Europass is funded by the EU Programme Erasmus+. The Europass network supports the political collaboration and innovation in the area of education and is a part of the Key Activity 3.

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Contact in Austria: National Agency Erasmus+ Education

In Austria, the National Agency Erasmus+ Education at the OeAD (Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research) is in charge of the EU Programme for Education and Training. Information and advice are offered at all times.




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