Europass at a glance

Europass is a free online tool of the European Union that helps to plan one's personal educational path and professional career without gaps.  All European citizens can use it to present their skills, competences and qualifications acquired at school, university or during learning or training periods abroad in a clear and uniform manner. More than 30 European countries participate in the Europass initiative.

Europass offers free online tools to support learners, professionals and jobseekers. For your application, Europass offers you the following tools:

Europass Profile

In your Europass profile you can describe your competences and receive interesting job and learning offers based on them. You can manage your application documents, create CVs and cover letters.

Europass CV editor

With the Europass CV editor you can:

  • Create and update CVs
  • choose from different templates
  • save your CVs on your device or in the Europass library
  • Share your CVs in 30 languages

Europass editor for cover letters

With the different templates of the Europass Cover Letter Editor you can create a structured, attractive and professional cover letter.

Europass Mobility

The Europass Mobility Certificate can help you to present the skills you have acquired during a stay abroad in a simple, consistent and comprehensible way.

Europass Certificate Supplement

The Certificate Supplement shows which knowledge and skills you have acquired during your vocational training.

Europass Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement provides information about the content of your higher education studies and the competences you have acquired in the process.

Europass objectives:

  • to help citizens to communicate their skills and qualifications effectively when looking for a job or training;
  • to help employers understand the skills and qualifications of the workforce;
  • to help education and training authorities define and communicate the content of curricula.

Europass and the EU Programme for Education and Training

Europass is funded by the EU Programme Erasmus+. The Europass network supports the political collaboration and innovation in the area of education and is a part of the Key Action 3.

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Contact in Austria: OeAD-GmbH

In Austria, the OeAD GmbH- Austria's Agency for Education and  Internationalisation - is the National Europass Centre.




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